10 Tips on How to Improve Web Application Performance

In labs around the world, web application development and testing teams face relentless pressure to ensure the software they create can deliver the uncompromising performance that users expect and demand. And in many organizations, that can encompass a globally distributed operation, requiring worldwide collaboration throughout the entire software development lifecycle. That’s why it’s essential to performance-test your applications at every step of the way — from the test lab to the production environment. Some issues, such as third-party services, content-delivery networks, and bandwidth constraints, will only manifest themselves in a production environment — not in a test lab or staging environment.

This white paper describes the top 10 issues facing development and testing teams in their efforts to maximize web application performance. Bring greater depth and breadth to your website performance testing by understanding how your company’s overall software architecture, bandwidth, load balancing, application code, and database intracacies affect performance of web applications.

Download the white paper now to master your software testing strategy and maximize web app performance as well as your revenues and cost efficiencies.

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