Welcome to the Intelligent Testing Revolution!

Whether for holiday readiness, specific events, or general performance, many organizations struggle to create accurate testing plans. Why? Because they lack visibility into exactly how their customers behave.

This webinar will explore the details of how test plans are typically created and how they can be drastically enhanced — and even automated — by using actual user behavior data to ensure accuracy and efficacy.

You will learn about:

  • Current trends in performance testing
  • Reasons why load testing in production is not optional for most organizations
  • How to use Real User Monitoring (RUM) data to enhance test plans
  • How leading edge data science technologies can drastically reduce costs for expensive load tests and increase revenues by discovering unexpected user behavior
  • How retail organizations use intelligent testing for holiday readiness and other key events

Your takeaway from this webinar will be actionable answers to the question: What should I test, and how should I test it?

The SOASTA Digital Performance Monitoring platform enables the seamless convergence of data, analysis, planning, and reporting. The result: the most accurate performance testing models in the world. Through deep analysis of Real User Monitoring (RUM) data — such as user paths, user bounce rates, user think time, user geography, third party analytics, and peak analysis (including specific days, times, and pages) — organizations are now able to generate automated test reports that tell them what to test, when to test, where to test, and how (to what load) to test.