Top 10 Tips For Better Web Performance


To help you prepare for web traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness, promotions or special online events, SOASTA has compiled a list of the top 10 performance tips you need to deliver world class web sites.

Since 2008, SOASTA has conducted tens-of-thousands of tests, and logged over a million hours in the cloud.  During this time, we have optimized web and mobile sites of all sizes and scale, ranging from boutique online retailers to the world’s leading brands.

Some of the key areas we will address during the webinar include:

  • Performance issues – How to find them
  • Building an end to end test plan
  • The importance of load balancing and code quality

Join renowned SOASTA performance experts Connie Quach and Mike Ostenberg as they share the critical issues you need to address to ensure your web and mobile apps are ready.   Connie and Mike will also show how SOASTA’s industry leading Load Testing Platform, CloudTest, enables you to streamline and automate performance tests, so you can deliver quality user experiences every time.