Testing in Production Advances with Big Data and the Cloud

Testing in Production (TiP) has moved from taboo to accepted practice owing to its ability to measure reality and provide actionable feedback. These risks can be mitigated by using proven methodologies, methodologies borne of experience and tools built specifically to handle TiP’s unique requirements.

Big Data enables TIP by analyzing user behavior then creating realistic tests. During testing, cloud-based resources are used for the huge data volumes and processed within-memory technology specifically designed for this process.

Microsoft’s Seth Eliot is a TiP pioneer and SOASTA’s Rob Holcomb has helped evolve the practice with hundreds of SOASTA customers. Catch this webinar, now on-demand, as they dig into:

  •  How to leverage both active and passive monitoring for TiP
  •  Testing and measuring system stress in production
  •  Experimentation and iterative improvement
  •  How SOASTA CloudTest facilitates TiP for organizations of all sizes