Setting up your Mobile Testing Factory

On every CIO’s Top 10 List this year mobile computing dominated IT planning. And of course 2013’s mobile testing plans should be well underway by now. SOASTA’s platform with CloudTest, TouchTest and mPulse ensures your mobile delivery – all the way from Development through Production.

Join us for this now on-demand webinar as the SOASTA team discusses and demonstrates automation in the mobile testing process and how to build your complete Mobile Testing Factory for 2013.

The Factory Floor has:

  • Continuous integration for hands-free mobile testing
  • Mobile device labs with real, un-jailbroken devices
  • Integrated functional and performance tests for realistic validations
  • Load testing for mobile traffic with global scale and device-level user experience
  • The next generation of real mobile user measurement to drive dev and test

You’ll leave this webinar with new ideas and a course of action to make your holidays happy and to put your 2013 plans in flight!


Mike Ostenberg is Sr. Performance Engineer & Solution Architect at SOASTA. His expertise includes SaaS, application performance testing, application lifecycle management, application monitoring, web services and web technologies. Prior to joining SOASTA Mike spent more than a decade working for HP.

Brad Johnson is VP of Product and Channel Marketing at SOASTA.  Joining SOASTA’s CloudTest pioneers in early 2009, his former roles as head of monitoring and test products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland prepared him well to disrupt the skeptical and established software testing market with updated approaches and technologies for web and mobile testing.

Target Audience:

Mobile Application Engineering and QA Executive, managers and leads investigating and implementing mobile testing tools to meet their need for mobile software development.