SD Times Webinar – Make Testing a First-Class Citizen in Your Development Process

For years, testing has been considered a second-class citizen when it comes to the pecking order of importance in any software development endeavor. The words, “I am a tester,” might typically get a response along the lines of sympathy card from Hallmark – “Oh, sorry to hear that. Keep plugging away, you’ll make that leap up the hierarchy at some point.”

With today’s complexity found in all areas of software, not just e-commerce, but cloud, and just about anywhere that has software acting in some way as the front end to some activity initiated by a user, testing has become a complex role that encompasses more than just an assembly-line mentality of checking the box and moving onto the next item.

Today’s testing is not your father’s Oldsmobile. There is an “e” in testing. But it’s not the one that you are thinking of, nope. Today’s “e” is found in multiple areas that today’s testing encompasses. Today’s “e” is Performance Engineering. Today’s “e” is User Experience. Today’s “e” is Data Science.

Join SOASTA senior product evangelist Dan Boutin and SD Times editor-in-chief David Rubinstein as they discuss how testing has changed and must continue to change to meet the needs of today’s software development landscape of agile processes and continuous deployment.

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