RUM Expert Roundtable: Real User Measurement Past, Present & Future


RUM experts share their perspectives!

On the heels of SOASTA’s acquisition of LogNormal and mPulse product announcement at Velocity in London, we introduced our team and hosted a discussion with the experts on real user measurement.

While RUM offerings have driven a lot of buzz lately, this preferred method of measurement for web — and now mobile — performance got its start early in this decade’s performance movement. Join us for a round table discussion on the importance that RUM has played and continues to play for development, test, operations and marketing professionals.

This panel, now available on demand, was moderated by Cliff Crocker, SOASTA VP of Product Management.


  • Buddy Brewer – Former CEO of LogNormal, now SOASTA VP of Engineering
  • Philip Tellis – Former CIO of LogNormal, now SOASTA Chief Architect
  • Aaron Kulick – Founder of the SF WebPerf group and current guerrilla engineer on the Big Fast Data team @WalmartLabs