Realistic, Repeatable Mobile Testing … on Your Terms


Watch this first-of-its-kind demonstration showcasing how the combined SOASTA and Shunra technologies deliver the most realistic, accurate and repeatable test environment for mobile app Development and QA teams.

You will see:

  • Precision mobile test creation using SOASTA’s Mobile Testing Platform, TouchTest, to capture and replay app gestures on a tester’s own mobile device.
  • On-demand capture of mobile network conditions like latency and packet loss with Shunra’s free mobile app, NetworkCatcher Express Mobile.
  • Testing to any scale with CloudTest while virtualizing (re-creating) real-world network conditions with Shunra vCAT in a pristine test lab.
  • A view of CloudTest results that includes the effects of load and network constraints on the actual end-user mobile devices.

Experts from Shunra and SOASTA will walk you through this process and share how you can quickly begin building realistic mobile tests today!