Real User Monitoring: The Secret Weapon for Quality

Real User Monitoring (RUM) helps you to stop guessing about what to test. When you see where your users are, when they lose patience, their peak usage by the minute, and precise web and mobile traffic composition, you know exactly what to test.  SOASTA’s mPulse is RUM that is easy to implement and gives instant insight that will change your perspective of performance, monitoring and testing forever.

Performance experts Cliff Crocker and Buddy Brewer will walk thru the latest release of SOASTA’s mPulse and show how it helps companies see every user, every second, while providing critical information for more accurate testing.

In this webinar you’ll learn::

  • Rapid implementation and configuration for real user
  • Key Performance Indicators collected from real, live users
  • Building patterns and usage scenarios
  • Guiding better load and performance tests with mPulse information