Performance Warrior Tales: Cloud Testing the Retail Giants

Paul Korenevsky and Craig Combs are battle-scarred veterans in the fight to preserve user experience and online retailer revenue. Paul is Akamai’s load testing Subject Matter Expert (SME) for major clients and Craig, a CloudTest Black Belt, has run Performance Engineering engagements at major retailers like Target, Sears, Best Buy and JCPenny.

They’re taking a rare pause to share their experiences with you, live!  Paul and Craig will equip you with real-world tips & advice from the trenches!

·      What are the two primary goals for seasonal testing?

·      Which critical user-scenarios should be tested first?

·      How do you create realistic conditions for distributed users?

·      When should you stress your Content Delivery Network?

·      Should you be hammering on live production systems?

SOASTA’s Load Testing Platform, CloudTest, is an Akamai-approved solution for testing retail sites for the eminent and ever increasing crush of holiday traffic.  With capabilities that distribute the load across the globe using cloud infrastructure as well as instantaneous visibility into every aspect of performance during load tests, CloudTest is the performance warrior’s weapon of choice.

With real-world advice from battle-trained experts, this webinar is just in time for your seasonal planning!