Mobile Trends in Universal RUM Solutions

With global web usage converting from desktop to a variety of screen sizes, most organizations have embraced responsive web design as a key part of their product strategy. As a result, stakeholders are making decisions to implement technical solutions across various platforms and form factors.

There’s a huge body of research demonstrating that page load time has a significant impact on business metrics ranging from conversions and revenue to user satisfaction and retention. Because of this, organizations are adopting a variety of solutions — including single-page application (SPA) and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) frameworks — to deliver better, faster mobile experiences for their users. To effectively measure and correlate performance to business metrics, organizations are employing Real User Monitoring (RUM) solutions coupled with SPA and AMP support.

This webinar will explore SPA and AMP frameworks in modern applications, and will show you best practices about how to monitor them in RUM, enabling you to understand and optimize performance across all form factors and to increase conversions and revenue.

You will learn about:
– Market outlook on mobile development and frameworks
– AMP framework
– Common SPA frameworks, including AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, and React
– Universal RUM
– Ability to monitor modern framework applications in RUM
– Performance issue solutions across any platform or form factor