How to Close the Mobile App Quality Gap


94% of companies today lack fundamental capabilities to validate end user success with mobile apps. Major gaps in mobile testing skills and tools have both surfaced the need for change and driven exciting innovation and opportunity.

This SOASTA webinar explores how test and development managers can take advantage of the mobile transformation to build world-class solutions that bridge testing gaps, compress delivery cycles and optimize app quality.

Industry veterans and SOASTA experts Fred Beringer and Jason Slater will explore:

  • The business impact of poor mobile quality
  • Areas to focus on quality processes for the greatest impact
  • The latest updates to SOASTA’s mobile platform
    • Heads Up Display to further accelerate test development
    • Validating what matters, from performance to partial images
    • Test automation that withstands operating system & device updates
    • Collecting real mobile user intelligence to complete the cycle

The mobile quality gaps won’t close without action.