Announcing SOASTA’s New Mobile App Testing Technology

This week SOASTA announced TouchTest, a ground-breaking new release of the SOASTA Platform that delivers complete functional test automation for continuous multi-touch, gesture-based mobile applications. SOASTA also announced the SOASTA Private Device Cloud, a
low-cost way of using the devices you already own to test end user experience from real devices around the world.

During this Live Webinar SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos and VP of Engineering
Tal Broda will discuss and demonstrate the new CloudTest capabilities including:

  • Precision capture and playback of ALL continuous touch gestures including
    pan, pinch, zoom, and scroll on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android mobile
  • Touch-based UI testing from INSIDE the app, replacing brittle optical
    recognition approaches, enabling validations based on variable values and
    internal app state changes
  • Control of test devices via IP address, eliminating the need for tethering,
    jailbreaking, or contracting with expensive 3rd party services
  • Private Device Clouds that support affordable testing with real devices in your
    lab or across the globe

With this new release, the SOASTA Platform delivers a complete solution for performance and functional test automation of mobile apps across real, distributed mobile devices.