It’s 2013 – Time to Build and Test Mobile Apps, Fast

2013 is the year of mobile. Yet the pressure to be fast in mobile development puts app quality at risk. When bad reviews spell the end of your app, or your company, this is risk you can’t afford.

Gartner Visionaries SOASTA and Appcelerator are leading the way enabling enterprise IT to deliver the highly rated apps that propel growth and competitiveness in this new year and beyond.

Join mobile dev and test experts to see the leading mobile technologies unified to accelerate the delivery of mobile apps that withstand all the extreme demands of today’s users.

You’ll see how Appcelerator and SOASTA together help:

  • Build cross-platform mobile applications from a single code base
  • Create compelling user experiences with cloud services
  • Validate mobile app functionality on real, unaltered devices
  • Assure mobile performance at any scale with cloud-based testing

Welcome in 2013 with a new strategy to deliver the highest quality mobile apps, faster than you may have thought possible.


  • Tal Broda, SVP Engineering, SOASTA
  • Steven Feloney, Director of Product Management, Appcelerator