How To Set Up Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps, using Real Devices

Jenkins core architect, Kohsuke Kawaguchi asserts, “Continuous Integration is synonymous with automation.” CI for mobile poses a challenge because to accurately test a mobile app, it must be installed and run on real mobile devices, a formerly manual process.

Built with Kohsuke’s guidance and enhancements, SOASTA’s new Jenkins plugin eliminates all manual tasks around mobile CI using actual mobile devices.  In this webinar, CloudBees’ Mark Prichard and SOASTA’s Mike Ostenberg will demonstrate setting up 100% hands-free mobile CI.


  • Build automated tests with SOASTA’s Mobile Testing tool, TouchTest, that capture and replay complex gestures and mobile actions
  • Set up the automated build process using CloudBees DEV@Cloud (Jenkins as a Service) to make apps testable as part of the build
  • Wake up remote mobile devices
  • Automatically push out testable apps to real device labs located anywhere
  • Execute realistic automated test cases on a variety of devices in the lab
  • Reboot devices to assure valid results on subsequent runs
  • Review and analyze results anywhere directly in Jenkins in the cloud