How to Avoid Epic Web Failure…Lessons Learned from

“This system just wasn’t tested enough, especially for high volumes,”

Web and mobile performance has become business critical in today’s world. Website failures are costly in terms of lost revenue and tarnished reputation. Quality user experience has taken center stage. Are you ready to deliver?

To help prepare for web traffic spikes associated with seasonal readiness, promotions or special online events, proper planning and execution is a must. This means that the combination of technology tools, implementation best practices and expertise needs to be carefully managed and optimized.

Since 2008, SOASTA has conducted tens-of-thousands of tests, and logged over a million hours in the cloud. During this time we have accelerated web and mobile testing with scale and affordability for the world’s leading brands.

During our upcoming webinar, we will share key SOASTA testing strategies needed to avoid epic web fails. They include the need to:

– Test continuously
– Test end-to-end
– And, test at scale

Join SOASTA experts Peter Galvin, SVP SOASTA Marketing and Brad Johnson, SOASTA VP Product Marketing as they share the best practices you need to follow to ensure your web and mobile apps are real-world ready. We will also show you how SOASTA’s industry leading CloudTest platform enables you to streamline and automate performance tests, so you can deliver quality user experiences every time.