Sponsored by Akamai: Equifax Breach Lessons: How to Stop the Next Breach – Or Slow it Down

What are the lessons learned from the recent slate of mega-breaches (Equifax, CIA, NSA)? How can we apply these lessons toward educating our workforce and strengthening our organizations’ security posture?

Join this interactive panel with cyber security experts to learn more about:

  • Why the Equifax data breach was inevitable
  • How to prepare against the next big one
  • How to detect breaches faster
  • The first 24 hours after a breach
  • The importance of employee security training
  • What CISOs can learn from this breach

Rick Holand, VP Strategy, Digital Shadows
Chris Sullivan, SVP, Chief Information Security Office, Core Security
Josh Shaul, VP of Product Management, Akamai

William Leichter, VP Marketing, VIrsec Security

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