Does Your Website Have What It Takes?

Did you know that over half of today’s online consumers will abandon a website after waiting only 3 seconds for a page to build?

Did you know that a 1 second delay in load page time can yield negative consequences resulting in loss of conversations, fewer page views, a decrease in customer satisfaction and a loss in sales?

Delivered by the IDC Cloud Testing Leader, SOASTA, will be illustrating how this can be changed with some unique products and practices. SOASTA, whose Load Testing tool, CloudTest, is used by hundreds of companies to assure web and mobile users are delivered the best experience under extreme traffic demands, will be imparting critical tips for optimizing the performance of your websites.

Led by Dan Bartow, SOASTA’s CloudTest product leader and expert, who has tested some of the largest websites on the planet such as: Intuit, Target, Walmart and many others. Dan will share valuable CloudTest tips and techniques. He’ll show how to:

  • Include mobile traffic and real devices in your tests
  • Distribute geographic load using the cloud
  • Run performance tests in live production
  • Control live tests with Dynamic Ramp and other new features
  • Plug into HP Quality Center for test management
  • View real-time performance metrics from mobile devices to back-end services
  • Explore options from free usage to turnkey services

Don’t miss this important how-to webinar and make sure your website is ready for anything your customers dish out.