Dillard’s Delivers World-Class Web Performance with Cloud Testing


Dillard’s earned its position as the 6th largest US retailer by delivering impeccable customer satisfaction and consumer confidence under all circumstances. To ensure that its web site continued to meet the rigorous customer experience requirements for performance and scalability, the retailer turned to SOASTA and cloud testing – and the results are being measured by the numbers of its happy customers. 

Join Nancy Jordan, Dillard’s IT Middleware & Integration Manager and Rob Holcomb, SOASTA’s VP of Performance Engineering, for the full Dillard’s story and a demonstration of SOASTA’s Load Testing platform, CloudTest. Nancy and Rob will share:

  • The challenges Dillard’s faced in preparing for unknown scale
  • The opportunities offered by cloud testing vs. traditional testing approaches
  • The value of external load testing on prodution systems
  • The benefits realized through cloud testing
  • How the SOASTA team leveraged CloudTest to deliver for Dillard’s
  • A demonstration of the CloudTest platform

This presentation, now available on demand, is a must-see  for any web team preparing for unknown or large-scale traffic surges, particularly for seasonal or holiday readiness. Learn first-hand how this leading retailer has relied on CloudTest to maintain world-class web consumer confidence.