Continuous Load Testing Inside and Out

Load testing has evolved along with continuous delivery and now requires that developers eliminate performance issues on their desktop while test and operations teams validate from the test lab to live production systems. Your test platform must be adaptable and accessible to all to provide testing throughout your agile delivery cycles.

SOASTA’s CloudTest is used for internal testing by the largest financial organizations and spun up in the cloud by bleeding-edge startups. Join this free webinar and explore how innovative companies are testing behind and beyond their firewalls.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Load test types for every phase of development
  • Testing APIs, custom code and “untestable” apps
  • Load tests for responsive WebSocket design
  • Utilizing Virtual Private Cloud for your internal testing
  • Tapping 1 million external cloud servers for your biggest needs
  • Production load testing with instant analytics and interactive real-time dashboards

SOASTA’s product team will demonstrate how customers are replacing legacy load testing tools and implementing continuous performance optimization with CloudTest.