Agile Load Testing in the Real World

Recent and constant changes in technology have resulted in a transition from the traditional Center of Excellence model, to an agile development model, which has made its way into the mainstream and caused a shift in how testing, particularly performance testing, is done.

Join our Webinar to learn how a top tier manufacturer transformed their ability to deliver high quality projects, faster, by adapting their load testing to fit an agile development approach.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to think differently about performance testing in an agile development environment
  • How to shift Performance Testing to the left in the development cycle
  • What adjustments to consider in your performance testing centers of excellence model
  • Technology platform considerations for faster, more collaborative load testing

Utopia Solutions Founder and CTO, Lee Barnes, will dive into tips and techniques for bringing effective performance testing to your agile organization. The SOASTA team will demonstrate how continuous, cloud-based testing makes it easier.