Adopting Cloud Testing for Continuous Delivery (Joint Webinar with IDC)

IDC, the premier global provider of IT market research, and SOASTA, an IDC industry leader in cloud testing know that maintaining leadership means moving quickly to outpace the competition.  Both IDC and SOASTA work with clients to realize the benefits that cloud computing brings to delivering high quality, rapidly deployable web and mobile applications.

Join them in this webinar where you will hear:

IDC speak on:

  • Perspectives on the state of cloud computing for agile web and mobile development
  • Market dynamics and maturity around the cloud and cloud testing
  • Recommendations for getting started with cloud testing

SOASTA speak on:

  • The business drivers for cloud and virtualization
  • Customer goals of using and implementing cloud testing
  • The road to implementing cloud testing in a continuous integration model
  • Case studies of customer cloud testing success

SOASTA’s services and technology will be highlighted and demonstrated as a solution for continuous web and mobile testing as utilized by the Paychex team.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior IT Management
  • Development and QA Executives and Directors
  • Performance team leads and engineers
  • Test Automation leads and engineers
  • Mobile Development and Testing team leads and engineers