5 Top Mistakes Testers Make with Mobile Test Automation


Mobile test automation requires stability, precision and repeatability to deliver value and instill confidence.

SOASTA’s latest release of TouchTest benefits from over 2 years of constant customer feedback and development. During this time, Fred Beringer and the SOASTA Professional Services team have worked with customers all over the world and seen many approaches.

Join this special webinar and learn the TOP 5 mistakes we see as companies adopt Mobile Test Automation.

Without giving too much away, topics covered will be:

  • Determining the best way to determine and set validations
  • Building the most robust and change-resistant tests
  • Keeping up with rapid development
  • Covering end-to-end risks inherent to mobile apps

How to avoid these mistakes will be illustrated with the new release of TouchTest, but what you learn will be applicable to any mobile app testing effort!