eTail West Interview: SOASTA CMO Ann Ruckstuhl

SOASTA CMO Ann Ruckstuhl discusses customer experience management as a science at eTail West 2016.

Until recently, customer satisfaction has been a nebulous term – there has not been a quantifiable component to customer experience management. Customer experience is not just having users show up, and give occasional feedback. Rather, it begs the questions:

  • Are your users staying on the site?
  • Are they having a frictionless experience, either self service or directly transacting?
  • Are they hung up in any particular place on the site?
  • Are they eventually monetizing?

Until all of these statistics are connected, customer experience cannot be an actionable practice. But by marrying customer data with how your IT stack is responsive to these requirements, you can ultimately see if your users are doing what you intend them to do – weather that is making a purchase or taking a further action from their online experience.