Website Monitoring

Digital Performance is User Focused

Understand your users

One out of five of your customers will abandon their shopping cart if your pages are too slow. Is your checkout process fast enough, or are you losing your shoppers at the final point of sale? If you aren’t actively monitoring website performance and the impact is having on your users, you won’t be able to accurately answer those questions.

In today’s increasingly more competitive ecommerce landscape, you simply can’t afford to neglect website load speed – especially given the impact that it has on conversion rates. In order to create a favorable user experience and gain insight into how load speeds are affecting your KPIs, you need a solution that can monitor, test, and optimize website performance in real-time and at scale.

Continuously test and monitor

How can you ensure a high ROI on your marketing campaigns, and nudge people across the finish line by taking your call to action? How do you keep engaging users, so that they are consuming content, using services, spending money, and sharing with friends? The answer is twofold: it starts with careful pre-production load testing to prevent disruptions, delays, and failures. And it also means careful real-time monitoring of post-deployment real user experiences so that you can be aware of and respond to unexpected situations as they arise – when you have time to take corrective action before it’s too late.

With embedded real user monitoring capabilities, SOASTA provides the most comprehensive, scalable platform for understanding and optimizing performance – from your client-side user experience all the way through to your backend infrastructure. You can measure real user scenarios and use that information to quickly build and execute tests that analyze website or mobile app performance, under the most realistic and demanding circumstances.

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