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Test plan creation is labor intensive and inaccurate

Modern organizations generally understand the importance of scalability and performance testing in production. For eCommerce companies, this is of particular importance during the holiday readiness season, but many others perform testing in production ahead of important events or releases. Even during non-peak periods, revenue is so dependent on performance that load testing has become a continuous activity, but test plan creation has not caught up with the times.

There is currently no “out-of-the-box” solution for test plan creation. Typically, the process is extremely labor intensive, requiring many hours of Performance Engineering to prepare a plan. Even worse, most of the time the test planning process ends up being pure guesswork because it does not reflect the patterns of real user behavior. At best, testing ends up being expensive and inaccurate; at worst, it may not be run to sufficient load or miss specific user paths, resulting in drastic degradation of site performance during peak periods.

As both services and users become more sophisticated, specific browsing patterns will only get more complex and difficult to predict. So how do you create test plans that are accurate and support all user behavior?

Accurate and efficient test planning with RUM-based Testing

RUM-based Testing is a new initiative by SOASTA based on the seamless convergence of several advanced capabilities. These capabilities include real user data collection, analysis and automated test plan creation using data science, and expert reporting to ultimately output a statistically accurate test plan. The business outcome is cost savings due to efficient test planning, and revenue increases due to lower probability of site outages and better overall site performance.

Invoke RUM-based data to uncover true user behavior

Real users don’t behave in a predictable way. They’re human. SOASTA’s mPulse provides advanced real user monitoring (RUM) data collection, such as session paths, bounce rates, user think time, user location, device type, network type, first-party vs. third-party resource, and peak analysis. These datasets are all critical pieces in understanding and predicting how users will behave.

Let data science do the work for you

SOASTA’s advanced data science engine ingests the RUM data, and through proprietary algorithms, generates automated test reports that tell organizations exactly what to test, when to test, where to test, and how to test it.

Full-featured testing capability

The created plan can then be implemented using SOASTA’s CloudTest solution, resulting in the world’s easiest, most efficient and most effective test preparation and execution. However, mPulse and CloudTest licenses are not required to take advantage of RUM-based Testing.

“With competitive demand for digital innovation and benefits of rapid, high-quality, high-performance software deployments across diverse platforms, the need for contextualized test planning has never been higher. Real User Monitoring data – combined with strong analytics – can enable a more effective, differentiated level of decision-making and prioritization of test resources to help avert poor performance and software downtime.”

Melinda Ballou
Program Director, Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies

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