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The average shopper makes 6.2 visits to a site, using 2.6 devices, before they buy. They want a consistent experience, no matter what platform they’re shopping on.

Here’s how you can deliver that to them.

What’s slowing down your site?

Improving how pages perform is one of the most effective ways to optimize your site’s conversion rate. Even one second of improvement to your site’s median load time can increase your conversion rate by up to 2%.

Here are some common performance culprits:

  • Unpredictable traffic. Black Friday is no longer the only spiky time of year. Sales, news events, even celebrity tweets — these can all trigger traffic surges that can slow down or crash your site.
  • Third party scripts. A typical page can contain 75+ third party scripts. Each of these scripts represents a potential single point of failure for your site.
  • Mobile. More than half of retail traffic comes from mobile users. In an omnichannel world, delivering a consistent user experience across platforms — and particularly mobile platforms — is a huge challenge.

Your 2017 Guide to Retail Performance Success

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Customer Success Story

How Nordstrom delivered peak customer satisfaction during peak traffic

Performance testing in the lab is no longer enough.

In order to stay performant around the clock, you need to to continuously test, measure, and optimize your retail site — in production, in real time, and at scale.

Leading up to its annual anniversary sale, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Nordstrom noticed a sharp drop in customer satisfaction survey scores for online performance. Synthetic monitoring and internal testing wasn’t giving Nordstrom the full picture it needed to understand how customers were experiencing the site. They worked with SOASTA to dig deeper.

In the video below, Gopal Brugalette (Nordstrom) and Tammy Everts (SOASTA) share how the different segments of the organization — business, product management, and technology — came together to understand performance, gain actionable insights, and prepare the site for peak traffic.

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“The work we’ve done with SOASTA so far has been foundational. We are really trying to help the culture at Nordstrom to look beyond just server-side performance. SOASTA has helped us with that.”

Khyati Vyas
Senior Program Manager

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The SOASTA Digital Performance Management (DPM) platform gives you end-to-end visibility and control over your site’s performance, helping you connect the dots between IT and business metrics.

SOASTA is the world’s largest testing and monitoring platform.


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