Real User Monitoring

Measure What Matters in Real Time

Gain insight from the source.

Collecting data directly from a user’s browser or mobile application in real time, SOASTA’s real user monitoring tool mPulse™ captures performance metrics such as bandwidth and page load times as well as engagement metrics like bounce, and conversion rates. Real User Monitoring (RUM) also gathers mobile user metrics like user location, device type, carrier speed and application usage to complete the total perspective.

Measure performance impact on business.

With this information at your fingertips, teams across your entire organization, including the full line of business managers, now have the real user intelligence and performance analytics they need to correlate the impact of performance metrics to the bottom line. Browser and app performance testing tools empower you to take immediate action as required, prioritize resources and coordinate your efforts to improve the key performance indicators that matter most to your business.

There is a strong correlation between page load time and human behavior. If users cannot engage quickly with sites and apps, the end user experience suffers and they will take their business elsewhere. While the focus on the back end (server) is on stability and scalability, 80 to 90 percent of page load time is spent on the front end (browser).

By measuring from the user’s browser or app, end user monitoring software quantifies the correlation between page load time and user engagement, and shows where to optimize front-end performance for more positive outcomes.

Real User Monitoring Best Practices

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