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SOASTA provides a more complete picture than you’ve ever had.

SOASTA makes it possible to ask and answer more questions, more accurately, in less time. And when you get the data, you can put it to work with confidence. From how your mobile app is performing on Androids in Antwerp to what the ROI is on that performance upgrade in PERTH, SOASTA makes it easy to see every aspect of your business, and zoom in on issues – and opportunities – faster and more precisely.

Every day, it seems, software development becomes an increasingly complex challenge. Multiple devices (including an expanding portfolio of smartphones and tablets), changing OS platforms, and heightened user expectations all converge to underscore the growing importance of the performance of software applications. Virtually any company with a website or mobile application that generates revenue, represents the brand, or provides an important service will have a vested interest in the performance of those resources, assets, and services. And more than ever, the burden for ensuring applications are responsive, reliable, and functional falls on the shoulders of the performance engineer.

The best of these uniquely talented specialists possess a rare combination of skills, traits, and experience that can be hard to identify and develop. Part software developer, part QA tester, part network specialist – the performance engineer must blend different skill sets and span various disciplines. Although every company and every engineer are different, the following principles can help you get the most from your performance engineering team.

Skills for the Modern Performance Engineer

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