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Get the Mobile Metrics You Need to Keep up with Rapid Cycles

In the fiercely competitive, always-on mobile environment, you face unique performance testing challenges. With more than 50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, delivering the best possible user experience is non-negotiable. But how do you ensure your mobile app performans well across a fragmented device landscape, while keeping pace with rapid release cycles?

The SOASTA Digital Performance Management platform provides you with key quality indicators across multiple devices with each version of your app – so you can deliver the unfaltering performance users expect. Catch regressions and slowdowns sooner by automating mobile performance testing with SOASTA CloudTest. Cover use cases quickly using the same test across a range of real devices, Android or iOS, and see device-side metrics from build-to-build while applying load on the backend.

Customer Success Story

Mobile Performance Testing Changes the Game for Leading Athletic Brand

Fragmented test tools were taking too long to deliver results – mobile performance engineers were measuring devices manually with developer tools that did not provide aggregated data over time. The brand needed a solution that combined functional, performance, and cloud-based load testing to deliver the same quality in its apps that customers expected from its products.

  • Using CloudTest, the company identified application crashes due to memory leaks and other backend issues
  • In an app where customers could follow favorite items, the database wasn’t recording selections – the error wasn’t in the UI layer, so functional testing missed it – using CloudTest on the API layer, the failure was identified and fixed
  • Now the SOASTA platform is being used across 15 of the brand’s apps to identify similar issues

Other Case Studies

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Gain a Holistic View of Your Mobile Performance

App performance can impact users’ devices and experiences. Mobile application performance testing allows you to:

  • Measure effects on device CPU, memory, battery, location, and network bytes sent/received

  • Compare baseline performance to the current build to catch memory leaks, a slow loading image, or new functionality that requires too many network calls

  • View trends over time to identify bugs and mobile performance deltas from build to build

To keep up with testing cycles and identify inconsistencies, you can automate mobile testing and integrate it into your continuous integration testing process. By building a core set of tests quickly, you can focus on analyzing the results to identify root causes of errors.

Continuously measure, test and optimize with SOASTA.

Built on industry-leading performance analytics, SOASTA offers a complete Digital Performance Management Platform that allows you to continuously measure, test and optimize your web and mobile applications.


CloudTest provides flexible, scalable load testing with a network that spans more cloud providers and locations (including mainland China) than any other platform.

mPulse powered by DataScience

mPulse, with DataScience, delivers real time user monitoring (RUM) data about real user experiences on your site so you can build more accurate tests.

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