Today’s media consumers are content-hungry and on the go

As more and more media is consumed via mobile devices — and as media sites realize they’re competing not just with each other, but also with Facebook, Instagram, and a trillion speedy apps — it’s never been more important to ensure pages are consistently fast and available.

Media sites face unique performance challenges

Making web pages fast and available is hard for any site owner. It’s even harder for owners of media sites. Here’s why:

  • Page bloat. Among leading media sites, 5 MB pages — each containing hundreds of resources — have become the norm.

  • Third-party scripts — especially ads. It’s not uncommon to see pages containing scripts hosted on up to a hundred different servers. Each of these scripts represents a potential point of failure for the entire page. And these scripts are why ad blocking costs publishers nearly $22 billion collectively every year.

  • Rich/streaming media Audiences demand videos, high-resolution images, and interactive content, all of which can wreak havoc on performance.

  • Mobile, global audiences. Serving fast pages to a worldwide audience is difficult enough. Compound this with the number of media consumers using mobile as their primary platform.

Ignoring performance issues hurts your business.

In a four-week study, The Financial Times found that making pages just one second slower decreased user engagement by 4.9%. Worse, engagement continued to decrease over time. Looking at a segment of traffic that experienced a 3-second slowdown, engagement deteriorated by an additional 10% over the course of the study.

Performance risks in programmatic advertising schemes

How do you address the performance impact of programmatic advertising, such as header bidding solutions, to ensure that they are working as planned and driving incremental revenue? SOASTA enables the largest media properties in the world to evaluate the relationship between performance and revenue in an efficient, meaningful way:

  • Performance validation. SOASTA enables your performance team to work closely with your ad operations team early in the evaluation process ensuring that any increases in revenue don’t negatively impact page performance indicators such as page views or session length — the lifeblood of any media site.

  • Evaluation timeline. By timing the performance of each ad slot on every pageview, SOASTA clients are able to compare the impact of the new header bidder process against existing programmatic models in the lab and in production without creating a burdensome testing process.

Customer Success Stories

CBS Interactive Prevents Third-Party Chaos with User Experience Data from SOASTA

  • Challenge:
    • Constantly asked to incorporate new third-party scripts
    • Re-platformed with a goal to reduce average page load time
    • Difficult to control performance with 80 percent third-party requests
  • Solution:
    • mPulse & Synthetic Monitoring
    • Services
  • Result:
    • Established requirements for third-party scripts to render in under 1000 ms
    • Created a data-driven process for evaluating the value of new services
    • Slashed average page load time in half – twice – to achieve goals

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Once the number one Internet destination in the world, aimed to re-establish its leadership position with a major redesign—SOASTA provided crucial performance data.

  • Challenge:
    • was re-launching their new site in an attempt to re-establish the portal’s leadership position & draw more visitors – the revamped website was built on a new cloud-based platform
    • With this change Microsoft needed a RUM solution to ensure met the performance expectations of today’s fast-moving population
  • Solution:
    • mPulse
    • Within 2 months MSN went live in 55 countries with mPulse being their main data signal to understand performance.
  • Result:
    • Established requirements for third-party scripts to render in under 1000ms
    • Created a data-driven process for evaluating the value of new services
    • Slashed average page load time in half – twice – to achieve goals

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The SOASTA Digital Performance Management (DPM) platform gives you end-to-end visibility and control over your site’s performance, helping you connect the dots between IT and business metrics.

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