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Shifting Left and Shifting Right with JMeter Performance Testing

Performance Testing in Development

The sooner performance issues are found, the cheaper they are to correct. The most expensive time to find a performance defect is when the code is in production. That’s why companies are starting to move performance testing earlier – even into development. This transition is known as “shift left” as it shifts testing earlier, or to the left, in the software development lifecycle.

JMeter is an open-source project designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Jmeter has grown in popularity with development teams as they add performance testing into the development phase. With CloudTest, developers can easily import JMeter scripts for testing in development and all the way into production – from small loads to testing at scale.

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Shift JMeter Tests Right

Developers typically run tests at low levels in development using JMeter. With CloudTest, performance teams can use those same JMeter scripts for production level load testing – from tens to millions of virtual users. Integration with Jenkins and other Continuous Integration testing tools enables hands-off automated continuous testing from development to production.

Visualize Results in Real-Time

Instead of executing JMeter tests and delaying results until after the test is complete, CloudTest gives you real-time analytics during the test. This empowers you to understand the performance of the system under test and respond immediately – making changes to the test or the environment – while the test is still running. No need to stop your test and start again from scratch.

Test on a Global Test Grid

CloudTest supports more than 20 cloud partners – including Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and others – with hundreds of locations around the globe. This gives you the ability to run performance tests from almost anywhere at low- to production-scale, with dynamic control to decrease or increase load from any location live during the test.

Continuously measure, test and optimize with SOASTA.

Built on industry-leading performance analytics, SOASTA offers a complete Digital Performance Management Platform that allows you to continuously measure, test and optimize your web and mobile applications.

mPulse powered by DataScience

mPulse, with DataScience, delivers real time user monitoring (RUM) data about real user experiences on your site so you can build more accurate tests.


CloudTest provides flexible, scalable load testing with a network that spans more cloud providers and locations (including mainland China) than any other platform.

SOASTA is the world’s largest testing and monitoring platform.


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