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Continuous integration tools make it possible to solve development complexities, allowing mobile and software application providers to improve speed, quality, and responsiveness. CI as well delivers functional and operational improvements quickly, compressing the development lifecycle to increase delivery speed.

A continuous integration toolchain that addresses the key best practices typically integrates several classes of tools. These tools fall into the following categories:

  • Device test automation
  • API/Web test automation
  • Version control
  • Build automation
  • Artifact management
  • Configuration automation
  • Test clouds
  • Device clouds

SOASTA offers integration with various platforms, continuously integrating advanced load and performance testing into the CI process. Using our tools, you can:

  • Deliver mobile & web applications efficiently, with superior quality
  • Gain insight into end-to-end team performance
  • Identify and prioritize timely fixes for optimal application performance

Continuous Integration Tools

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