Continuous Integration Requires
Continuous Load Testing

Meet Performance Goals with Continuous Testing

At today’s frenetic pace, your digital business must stay agile without sacrificing security, availability and performance. Continuous integration performance testing is essential for achieving this goal, requiring automated load testing tools that operate at a scale to meet functional, system and performance verification needs. These tools should not only run in your build and deployment cycles, but also play a key role in continuously verifying the production environment itself.

The SOASTA Digital Performance Management Platform, developed over the last decade, is used by the biggest digital brands to verify that each code change meets exacting functional, stress, and performance standards. We even practice continuous testing ourselves – combining Jenkins, Junit and CloudTest load testing software to run over 68,000 tests with each SOASTA build and deployment.

Customer Success Story

IDEXX Labs Becomes Top Dog in IT with SOASTA

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. is a leader in pet healthcare innovation, serving practicing veterinarians around the world with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services. When the company shifted business models to go direct to customers, IT needed to be ready to scale applications fast. It used CloudTest to meet the challenge – delivering a more performant application to support a successful launch.

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“The problem with a lot of people who aren’t familiar with load testing is they think it’s just a bandage you put on right before launch. That is not the way to look at it.”

Tom Poirier IT Manager IDEXX Labratories

Meeting Performance Service Level Agreements

As web applications get more complex and engineering organizations gain continuous integration experience, performance Service Level Agreements (SLA) are now part of continuous regression testing. SLA thresholds are defined for individual performance tests and performance regressions are detected as they are introduced. Functional and performance regressions can fail the build.

Automating Functional & Performance Testing

When combined with Jenkins or other continuous integration tools, you can automate the entire process from build, installation, functional testing and performance testing through to reporting and diagnostics. View functional and performance test results on a common dashboard interface and perform automated regression testing completely in the continuous integration harness.

Testing Performance in Production

Automating performance testing doesn’t eliminate the need for high-volume production tests, but allows you to achieve baseline quality and performance while preventing regressions from sneaking into your code. With continuous testing, high-volume tests can focus on infrastructure configuration, capacity, architecture and third-party service integration.

Continuously measure, test and optimize with SOASTA.

Built on industry-leading performance analytics, SOASTA offers a complete Digital Performance Management Platform that allows you to continuously measure, test and optimize your web and mobile applications.

mPulse powered by DataScience

mPulse, with DataScience, delivers real time user monitoring (RUM) data about real user experiences on your site so you can build more accurate tests.


CloudTest provides flexible, scalable load testing with a network that spans more cloud providers and locations (including mainland China) than any other platform.

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