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SOASTA mPulse for CDN improves business results by instantly identifying the impact of CDN configuration and performance on user experience and revenue.

CDN performance optimization is a puzzle

cdn optimization

Content Delivery Networks have grown in their offerings over the years, providing crucial infrastructure to make applications and websites accessible and performant for end users. As CDN services have become more powerful – offering dynamic object caching, advanced load balancing, and millions of servers around the world – they have grown in complexity as well.

Some CDNs provide organizations with tools for Front End Optimization (FEO) of speed and user experience, but usually don’t offer real-time performance and predictive analytics or specific recommendations on how to achieve the performance sweet spot. Even CDNs that do offer some version of Real User Monitoring (RUM) in their analytics packages do not provide the necessary and actionable insights for organizations to truly understand the relationship between performance and revenue, and how to address possible fixes.

Consequently, organizations have been longing for a simple solution that would navigate them through the complexities of CDN configuration, optimization, and correlation to business metrics.

Introduction of mPulse for Akamai at Edge Conference
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Maximize your CDN value and recoup lost revenue

When it comes to performance, ignorance is not bliss. Numerous studies have shown that performance directly affects revenue. If your Content Delivery Network isn’t optimized, you could be leaving money on the table.

But what is the exact relationship between the performance of your site, your CDN performance, and your revenue? SOASTA’s mPulse for CDN provides the real-time performance and predictive analytics to immediately signal what impact the changes to your CDN configuration have on your users’ experiences, and, consequently, on your bottom line.

Identify CDN configuration settings performance and bottlenecks

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mPulse RUM is the best-in-class solution that provides real-time performance analytics, unprecedented visibility, and insights into site performance and user behavior. Session analytics, page grouping, and third party analysis help answer critical questions of where the slowdowns are and where optimization is required.

Understand the correlation between performance and revenue

mPulse is powered by SOASTA DataScience, which provides predictive analytics to answer questions about how performance metrics correlate to business metrics. The What-If dashboard uses RUM data to derive the most accurate prediction of revenue, session length, and session duration based on changes to session load time. Utilize performance and predictive data to decide how aggressively to cache in order to maximize revenue.

Determine which resources to cache and prioritize improvements

It’s not enough to just point out the problems. Today’s DevOps and BizOps teams are looking for a specific list of fixes to prioritize and tackle. The mPulse Conversion Impact Score points to the areas of optimization to focus on for the quickest ROI. Don’t just optimize; rather, optimize efficiently and intelligently.

“Like SOASTA, Akamai is committed to helping businesses address digital performance challenges and optimize experiences across any device, anywhere. At the same time, our customers want to be confident that their performance optimization strategies are having a positive impact on the business. Working together with partners such as SOASTA, we can help provide that peace of mind.”

Ash Kulkarni
SVP and GM, Web Experience Division

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