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Get full visibility and insight into the performance impact of your site third-party integrations and never lose situational awareness again!

There is hidden risk in third party resources

A typical site may contain as many as 100 third party resources, in the form of JavaScript tags, external fonts and stylesheets, and other assets. You rely on these services to add value to your site by generating revenue (via ads), boosting engagement (via social sharing), increasing conversions (via targeting beacons), and helping you understand your users in unprecedented ways (via analytics tags).

But these services may also pose high risks to your digital property, which are not immediately apparent. That’s because each third party integration may be the potential cause of a drastic slowdown in page load times, or worse – of a complete failure for your site.

As the web is becoming more open and shared via APIs and development standards, inter-service integration is only going to increase. So how do you gain visibility and actionable insights about the effects of third parties on your site or app performance?

mPulse and DataScience help master third-party performance

Understand the scope of your third party resource usage

In order to diagnose potential issues with third party resources, you need to first identify them. SOASTA helps you distinguish the first first versus third party resources loaded on each page in order to gain a complete, unbiased view.

Identify problem areas within your third parties

Once third party resources are clearly identified, the next step is to start drilling into performance metrics. SOASTA provides best-in-class tools to understand performance across top page groups and third party resource providers individually or in aggregate, with extra abilities to slice the data by device type or location. This will help you set up a baseline grounded in reality.

Prioritize remediation based on the most impactful pages

Conversion Impact and Activity Impact Scores guide you to drill into the specific pages that are most impactful to user conversion and session length. SOASTA with Rigor provides recommendations on addressing issues with third party resources on a page-by-page basis. These tools help focus efforts on the most problematic pages and offenders, and easily communicate issues to resource providers.

Continuously optimize

Establish SLAs with non-performing resource providers to ensure future performance. Create alerts for non-performing resources. Use DataScience for continuous improvement and collaboration while adding or removing non-performing resources.

CBSi and third-party management

CBS Interactive receives more than 200 million pageviews a month. The CBSi engineering team incorporates new third party scripts monthly (ads, videos, marketing tracking scripts, etc). In order to stay performant, they utilize SOASTA mPulse™ to:

  • benchmark third party performance against page load times

  • monitor performance during A/B tests

  • establish SLAs with third party providers

  • leverage results for budgeting decisions with respect to adding new third-parties

“The cool thing about SOASTA is that it allows us to – side-by-side – compare the exact impact of every third-party script that we add to the site.”

Jason Trester
Senior Director, Site Engineering
CBS Interactive

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