Dedicated Experts

SOASTA University

There’s no such thing as becoming an overnight expert. It takes time, dedication, practice—and, well, a little bit of hands-on learning to boot. Which is where SOASTA University comes in.

SOASTA U is composed of multiple case-study-oriented modules, delivered as both instructor-led and self-study courses that focus on the basic concepts and benefits of SOASTA cloud testing, mobile test automation and real user monitoring. During training, you’ll learn and develop the skills necessary to record and script test scenarios as well as create compositions, which are aggregations of scenarios that best represent real-world use. You’ll also learn how to use SOASTA CloudTest and mPulse dashboards to analyze results in real time and take action.

Conducted on-site or via the web by SOASTA senior performance engineers who are pioneers in mobile and web performance, our training workshops include: Introduction to CloudTest and mPulse; SOASTA CloudTest Methodology; CloudTest Analytics; Getting Started; Performance Test Strategy; and more.

Getting Started Basics

Want to learn how to load test your apps for performance under real-world conditions? Start with the basics. Learn how to quickly build tests using CloudTest visual tools, compose and run test scenarios, and analyze real-time results through interactive dashboards.

Instructor-Led and Self-Study

Are you someone who learns better on your own? Or do you need the guiding hand of an instructor? Whatever your learning habits, SOASTA offers training tailored to the way you learn best—from the basics to in-depth topics.

On-Site and Web-Based

We know you’re busy—which is why we offer the flexibility of either on-site training or online instruction. You can even mix it up with a combination of the two. Get your learn on!