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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Software testing continues to undergo seismic shifts – once considered a tactical exercise, it has evolved into a strategic process. Nowhere are these changes more felt than in mobile testing. With large user volumes, a fragmented device landscape, low profit margins and fast development cycles, the pressure to test more, faster is most intense for mobile applications. SOASTA can help you maximize mobile testing:

  • Keep pace with expanding test plans and shorter release cycles
  • Automate performance tests and incorporate them into continuous integration (CI)
  • Evaluate software from the user perspective with real experiences and devices
  • Compare baseline performance to the current build and view trends over time
  • Focus on analyzing results, not designing tests


SOASTA Pragmatic Mobile Testing Engineers will conduct full-service custom testing of your mobile applications. Our approach is prescriptive at first, then refined and customized to each app. We’ll create a matrix by user, app function and device, then score each test into core and edge functions to identify which tests that should be automated and stay manual. Mentoring and training on your test matrix brings your team up to speed while continuing to move your project forward. Mobile performance checkups allow you to understand app performance against a series of devices.


Honed over a decade of innovation in data analytics, the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Methodology provides your organization with valuable insight into digital performance. Our Professional Services Team designs tests with user experience in mind from the start. SOASTA solutions check API and Web service calls, in addition to UI, on real devices and replicate real-world conditions to see application performance under load. By weaving performance analytics into each test case while testing, you’ll gain real-time insight on how users experience your applications across different devices.


  • Assess test cases, evaluate resources and develop an automation strategy
  • Develop a test matrix unique for your application
  • Deliver training and mentoring on your text matrix
  • Conduct mobile performance checkups to compare results between builds
  • Create reports to identify trends to uncover bugs and mobile performance deltas

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