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Data-Driven Load Testing with RUM

Data-Driven Load Testing with Real User Monitoring

You can’t afford to overlook the relationship between user experience and performance. Using Data-Driven Testing with RUM, SOASTA Performance Engineers will walk you through the consumer journey from that first click through repeat purchase – and how digital performance can enhance those experiences:

  • Track 100 percent of your customer traffic, live
  • Test what matters most and conduct tests more frequently
  • Validate the user experience in production – and at scale – in real time
  • Reduce the time to remediation
  • Increase conversions and reduce in costs


Data-Driven Performance Testing with RUM measures how users perceive your Web and mobile sites. Our Professional Services team will design test scenarios that identify anything in the way of a seamless digital experience. Then we’ll distill the information and correlate it with customer satisfaction and revenue. This service is best for existing mPulse™ customers who want to augment resources to get more out of performance management.


Honed over a decade of innovation in data analytics, the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Methodology provides your organization with valuable insight into digital performance. Our Professional Services Team analyzes real user data and benchmarks to uncover performance challenges and identify areas for improvement that will most impact your business. Data-Driven Performance Testing captures bandwidth usage, page load times and engagement data such as peak usage as well as bounce and conversion rates. RUM offers a holistic view of front-end browser, back-end database, and server-level bottlenecks as they’re actually experienced by your end-users.


  • Understand real user experiences unique to your online business
  • Define tests that address user paths
  • Identify suboptimal experiences and define optimal ones
  • Eliminate true edge cases
  • Deliver a test strategy for rapid and continuous improvements

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