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Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

As the leader in data analytics, SOASTA can help you transform the data storm into a steady stream of meaningful metrics. Our Expert Services Team will connect disparate systems, unite your organization under a common performance language and help you turn hunches into quantifiable goals for online business success.

Data Science as a Service

In digital business, performance is much more than the speed that code executes. You have to look at performance from a number of angles, such as technology, customer behavior and conversions. Deriving insights from large data sets at speed and scale is critical to gaining competitive advantage and delivering the personalized products and services that your customers want. SOASTA can help you rise to this challenge, aligning key stakeholders, connecting disparate systems and gaining widespread buy-in so you can:

  • Quickly identify areas of focus to significantly improve performance

  • Accelerate build out of data science functions and governance models

  • Create compelling visualizations for the appropriate stakeholders


SOASTA Data Scientists have developed performance models that predict business outcomes, such as Conversion Impact Score, to easily uncover underlying patterns that influence actions for improving conversion and revenue. These models are constantly evolving as we collect and analyze new data, allowing you to benefit from broader trends. Our deep experience in data analysis working with hundreds of customers delivers rapid results in solving complex business challenges to drive competitive advantage.


Honed over a decade of innovation in data analytics, the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Methodology provides valuable insight into digital performance. Our Expert Services Team will show you how current performance affects your business, quantifying previously assumed or anecdotal relationships with metrics that establish alignment across your organization under a common set of data. Working alongside business sponsors, we’ll define the problem, establish achievable objectives that can be tied to measurable business targets and develop a strategy that aggressively tracks progress. Then we’ll develop an ongoing performance plan that mobilizes previously disparate groups towards a unified goal, with clearly-defined objectives and advanced reporting and analysis to ensure quantifiable progress.


  • Tie site performance to business goals with metrics tailored for your organization

  • Review all available performance data, making the transition from data storm to stream

  • Use pre-built components and quality templates for integration

  • Define an analytic approach to solving complex problems using existing data science functionality and custom data mining

  • Identify high-value use cases that provide ROI in weeks rather than months

  • Build a model to support a company-wide data science initiative

Digital Performance Analytics as a Service

You understand the impact of digital performance on your business, but with so many tools to measure it, are you able to reconcile and understand the data? Are you drowning in information and alerts that cannot be tied back to business outcomes? SOASTA Expert Services will examine your online properties and develop a strategy that will help you get the most out of your performance management solutions. Our advanced, cloud-based platform allows you to unlock meaningful insights from your data, create alerts that matter and provide monthly analytics for ongoing performance optimization so you can:

  • Define performance objectives for key stakeholders across your business

  • Create reports and data visualizations tailored to organizational requirements

  • Produce monthly reports with prescriptive and actionable insights

  • Customize alerts to provide actionable intelligence specific to members of your team


Using a combination of synthetic and real user monitoring (RUM) to get the most accurate picture of performance, our Expert Services Team provides in-depth analysis, extracting clear information that can be used by the entire organization. With the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Platform, we’ll identify and diagnose ongoing problems quickly, highlighting opportunities for improvement and providing recommendations for your team to implement with detailed direction for continuous performance improvements. We’ll train your team to continue to track, understand and respond to performance information in real time.


Honed over a decade of innovation in data analytics, the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Methodology provides your organization with valuable insight into digital performance. Our Expert Services Team analyzes RUM and other valuable data and benchmarks to uncover performance challenges and identify areas for improvement that most affect your business. With real user and synthetic data as well as diagnostics, we can help you pinpoint areas to remediate in order of impact to significantly improve performance.


  • Review all existing performance data, with an initial focus on high-impact issues that can be addressed short-term

  • Continuously benchmark site performance against competitors and other data sources in order to understand how performance data tracks against industry leaders

  • Create digestible, meaningful performance insights designed to improve performance in the short and long term

  • Establish the foundation for a culture and common language of performance

Custom Performance Data Integration

Today’s performance issues are complex, spanning your entire organization and requiring a shared understanding of critical information from multiple services and tools. Integrating the data from all of your systems into a holistic view of customer behavior gives you the power to make data-driven decisions in real time. SOASTA Professional Services offers several integration options and techniques to achieve a complete view of performance so you can:

  • Create a cross-functional digital operations environment that provides real-time data to anyone in the organization, regardless of role

  • Build a culture of performance with a common language across your business

  • Define the framework for continuous and ongoing performance optimization using actionable information extracted from the entire data stream


Utilizing the SOASTA Digital Performance Management Platform, our Expert Services Team can help you build a company-wide digital operations environment that will break down communication and alignment barriers through visual correlation. Utilizing APIs of your customer behavior, campaign management, web and other marketing and business systems, we can perform large-scale performance analytics to identify where performance is helping or hurting key performance indicators (KPIs). With the open source Boomerang framework, we can associate key session beacons from other web and customer tracking systems with SOASTA performance data in real time – in some cases, even bringing that data into our dashboards.


The SOASTA Digital Performance Management Methodology leverages a decade of experience in aligning performance insights with business outcomes. Our Professional Services Team will work with key stakeholders across your organization to understand how your data sources can enhance KPIs. We will determine the best strategy for integrating, analyzing and visualizing data using your existing tools in order to achieve that insight. SOASTA’s broad experience across multiple industries can help your organization develop processes that align with best practices.


  • Correlate marketing, campaign, customer behavior, advertising and other key digital metrics to performance for quantifiable links between operational and business KPIs

  • Identify key business and performance data integration needs and determine visual correlation, bulk performance analytics or real-time analytics

  • Implement and test integrations

  • Identify and initiate process and cultural changes to drive maximum value from integrations

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