MoneySuperMarket Makes Epic Move to SOASTA to Continue Their Journey Towards DPM

Strength of partnership with Ten10 key to success 

London, UK, 22nd February 2017 – SOASTA, the leader in performance analytics, today announced that MoneySuperMarket Group (MSMG), the UK’s largest price comparison site, has deployed CloudTest and mPulse solutions across all its online service brands. The decision is a strategic move designed to consolidate and enhance their load and performance programme and includes iconic brands such as and The move to standardise on the SOASTA platform reflects the growing importance of Digital Performance Management and was enabled and driven by the work, analysis and advice undertaken by Ten10, an independent testing consultancy.

With a growing and continuous stream of traffic to the various Group sites, it was clear that a common load and performance management platform would not only deliver greater efficiencies and economies of scale but also provide deeper insights into the user journey and customer experience. The challenge lay in finding a platform that could scale easily, be deployed rapidly and also deliver detailed analytics and insights to support the business objectives and priorities. Given the highly competitive nature of the sector, MSMG recognised that the performance of their own comparison sites was a key differentiator in sustaining its high standard of service and instrumental in driving future growth.

During the evaluation period, SOASTA and Ten10 provided a highly flexible and timely service that enabled MSMG to see the true business value that SOASTA’s platform delivers. With a wide and varied set of customers, deploying CloudTest and mPulse has enabled MSMG to build performance tests that accurately measure and monitor thousands of concurrent users across all their sites.

“Customer service and satisfaction lie at the heart of everything we do and as such strive to exceed the expectations of our end users. Traffic to our various price comparison sites has grown consistently year on year and we felt it was important to consolidate and extend the way we conducted performance testing. Following the addition of the Money Saving Expert site to our group, we saw an opportunity to transition from our existing load and performance testing programme to one that delivered greater insights based on performance analytics. The proliferation of tablets and smartphones has meant that our customers are accessing our sites and services through a multitude of browsers, operating systems and locations. Understanding the impact that the performance of our digital estate has on how our customers’ engage with us is an important part in our overall Technology strategy,” said Pete Hanlon, CTO, MoneySuperMarket Group.

“Ten10 were instrumental in supporting us through the various options as we transition towards a Digital Performance Management platform. It was evident that SOASTA’s mPulse and CloudTest solutions are architected and engineered with Digital Performance Management in mind, as they deliver actionable performance metrics and insights. Moreover standardising on the SOASTA platform offered us a unified view about the performance across all our sites, as well as the various interdependencies. Crucially there was a good cultural fit with SOASTA as well, as they understood MSMG’s user journey from web to mobile to digital. That was the additional aspect that cemented our decision,” added Hanlon, MoneySuperMarket Group.

“Performance is everything and MoneySuperMarket Group has built its reputation and position on the service and performance of its online price comparison sites. As it gears up for the next phase of its growth, the performance of its sites will come under ever-greater scrutiny. With more and more people visiting its iconic brands, MSMG is taking steps to ensure that not only can it handle the volumes and spikes in traffic but that it also has far better data and insights to support its customer service ethos. SOASTA anticipated the shift in the market towards Digital Performance Management and this is reflected in our portfolio. It’s one reason why MSMG has chosen SOASTA to support it as it embarks on its epic journey of growth and service. MSM’s own vision is very much a user journey so it is fitting that their decision to standardise on SOASTA’s platform is based on our ability to accurately test and capture their customers’ user journeys,” said Vincent DeGennaro, General Manager EMEA, SOASTA.

“As a leading player in the price comparison sector and home to many iconic brands, we were acutely aware of the stakes that surrounded MSMG’s decision. Our independence, coupled with our expertise and strong vendor relationships, meant we were able to actively advise and guide the discussion and help MSMG arrive at a point that supported their business goals and objectives. MSMG’s Technology vision is built around optimising across all platforms, all users and all devices. We were able to draw on our relationship with SOASTA to negotiate a package that delivered a robust and scalable DPM platform within budget and timeframes. Ultimately, it is the strength of the partnership that we enjoy with SOASTA that has enabled us to deliver the best DPM platform for MSMG,” said Ash Gawthorp, Client Engagement Director, Ten10.

About MoneySuperMarket Group is the UK’s leading price comparison website. We helped nearly 7 million families save an estimated 1.8 billion pounds on their household bills last year.

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