Website and Application Performance Monitoring for the Real World

Monitor and fix website and application performance issues, improve user experience, and raise your business to new heights with Akamai’s universal, intelligent Real User Measurement (RUM) solution.

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Performance affects revenue. Do you know
how much?

A slow performing or error-prone website can cost millions in lost revenue. mPulse real time performance monitoring tools provide the capabilities for detailed performance and advanced error analysis, and correlates them directly to business metrics such as conversions, page views, and revenue.

Performance ROI no longer needs to be a guessing game. Let real user behavior help you prioritize your performance roadmap.

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Black Friday and Holiday sales are coming soon, is your eCommerce site ready to perform? Put Your Site to the Test.

Get answers to your toughest questions
with DataScience.

mPulse powered by DataScience helps you find trends without having to sift through data overload. Simple reporting and powerful visualizations help you pull actionable insights from your data to share with both business and DevOps stakeholders.

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Enable intelligent performance testing.

RUM-based Testing is a new initiative from Akamai, based on the seamless convergence of several advanced capabilities. These capabilities include real user data collection, analysis and test plan creation using data science, and expert reporting to ultimately output a statistically accurate test plan. The business outcome is cost savings due to efficient test planning, and revenue increases due to lower probability of site outages and better overall site performance.

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SPA application performance monitoring

Building single-page applications? We’ve got you covered.

mPulse application performance monitoring addresses the growing need to monitor a new breed of websites built with single-page application (SPA) frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js and React.js. Custom SPA support means that mPulse works with any framework you want to use, collecting advanced metrics to give you full visibility into performance.

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Continuously measure, test and optimize with SOASTA.

Built on industry-leading performance analytics, SOASTA offers a complete Digital Performance Management Platform that allows you to continuously measure, test and optimize your web and mobile applications.

mPulse powered by DataScience

mPulse, with DataScience, delivers real time user monitoring (RUM) data about real user experiences on your site so you can build more accurate tests.


DataScience finds answers from millions or billions of data points. Analyze ALL your data with advanced data science to answer your most critical digital performance questions.


CloudTest provides flexible, scalable load testing with a network that spans more cloud providers and locations (including mainland China) than any other platform.

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