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Put Your Digital Performance Data to Work

Every industry and every digital business has unique ways of determining what performance means to them. SOASTA delivers deep industry knowledge and performance analytics software for retail, media, high technology and your business.

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Performance Analytics Drives Understanding

  • Performance is a key factor in everything from page views and session duration to conversion rates and ad viewability.

  • Only SOASTA has the technology and expertise to bring key insight into how your digital technology decisions affect performance, and how that performance impacts business outcomes.

  • SOASTA achieves this by not only giving you the industry's most respected platform for analyzing the immense amounts of data collected by our RUM and testing products, but also providing the APIs and technology to combine those insights with other contexts such as customer behavior and campaign effectiveness.

Precision Insight for Your Digital Business

SOASTA provides sophisticated and specialized analytics that address specific needs for your industry.

  • Consumer Performance Impact (CPI) - How well does your digital business use performance to engage customers?

  • Activity Metrics - How is traffic volume to your digital property? Is it trending relative to past years? If so, why?

  • Performance Analytics - How does performance of your digital property as a whole affect conversion?

  • Conversion Analytics - Which pages have the biggest performance impact on conversion, and why?

  • UX Complexity - How does third-party content affect performance and outcomes? How does page flow affect outcomes?

  • Competitive Benchmarking - How does your website stack up to industry peers with respect to performance? What about overall engagement?

  • Advertising Technology Performance - How does advertising technology affect the performance of your web site? How does the performance of your web site affect ad viewability?

  • Synthetic Metrics - How do your real users experience performance versus a controlled baseline?

  • Predictive Analysis - What is the optimal page performance to maximize conversion?

performance analytics software

SOASTA’s deep expertise in performance analytics can accommodate your custom analytics needs, including integration with external operations data, new correlations and statistical analysis, and visualizations that raise the important signals high above the noise.

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Real-Time Contextual Intelligence Means Real-Time Optimization

Rapidly identify and respond to business critical performance insights.

performance analytics
  • SOASTA’s data collection and storage systems handle billions of events (RUM beacons and test measurements) every week, using technologies and services you know and trust.

  • CloudTest and mPulse include valuable performance analytics, visualization and dashboards to quickly configure, evaluate and utilize performance analytics in respective contexts.

  • DataScience enables industry specific and custom data analysis across SOASTA products, as well external data sources, such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

  • APIs, plug-ins, command line interfaces and Webhooks enable simple interaction with your existing operations suite, including alerting, analytics and build automation.

  • The Digital Operations Center (DOC) brings it all together with visualization and correlation across teams and contexts, enabling the entire digital organization to collaborate on performance management.

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