Amazon used to be one of the only retail players that had the tools and expertise to manage end-to-end digital performance. No longer. Today, you have access to the technology and people that can help you compete like Amazon.

We know how Amazon manages digital performance

We can help you drive the performance of your website and apps the Amazon way. We can support you in building a data-driven performance culture inside your company.

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You’ll talk about how to:

  • Translate what you do into language and visualizations the rest of the business easily understands
  • Show the cause and effect of performance changes on the business, and vice versa
  • Influence marketing and other areas, e.g., by helping them understand how their decisions – such as adding third-party tags – affect performance
  • Ensure your team gets the credit for improvements that directly helped business performance
  • Prioritize your decision-making in terms of business impact, and give your team a punchlist of tasks that will directly help your bottom line

Our Performance Experts

Dan Boutin

Dan Boutin
VP, Digital Strategy

Buddy Brewer

Buddy Brewer
SVP, Products

Tammy Everts

Tammy Everts
Director of Research

We help these retailers compete like Amazon:

Lowe’s slashed load times in half, improved availability to nearly 100%, and drove online sales past $1B

Office Depot learned what a half-second of performance improvement does for conversions

Nordstrom diagnosed and fixed critical performance defects in realtime during the heaviest traffic spikes of the year

Deckers improved time-to-interactive by 33% and regained control over performance goals and budget