What Makes for Good App Conversion Rates? Attention to Detail

A newly released study on performance from SOASTA shows things are looking up and the two-second load time barrier has been broken.

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Report: How Consumers are Engaging in the Mobile Shopping Experience

This report looks at the performance of retail, media, and travel sites, and analyzes metrics on IT, business, and user experience, and how they intersect.

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How To Compete For Consumers Online While Attention Spans Diminish

Further evidence on the correlation between e-commerce web page load times and business and user engagement metrics like conversion and bounce rates.

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10 Tips for Building an Effective Business Website

Online presence is vital for any business. Here's how to build an effective business website, keeping page load time, and overall speed in mind.

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10 Items or Less: Why Retailers Need to Rethink What They Think About Mobile

Consumers now browse and buy via smartphone - nearly a third of all digital transactions span two or more devices from the first website visit to purchase.

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Optimizing Digital Marketing Performance To Drive Business Performance

Digital transformation isn’t just buzz phrase. It’s helping companies create better customer experiences, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

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