Making the Case for Mobile Site Optimizations: Who Doesn’t Want an Extra $13K?

The question isn't whether to invest in mobile, but to what extent. Here's how marketers can make the case for greater investment in mobile optimization.

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What the Akamai Acquisition of SOASTA Means for Software Development

Giving developers a new way to understand what real users are doing when they use an app, providing new ideas on how to optimize or change behavior.

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Why Understanding Data Science and AI Will Change Everything

In a world filled with too much information, Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO, has a simple solution for those looking to make a digital transformation: practice.

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The Cost Of Milliseconds In The Digital Marketplace

Recent research of 10+ billion online retail user experiences, looking at performance metrics from IT, business, and user experience perspectives.

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Essential Steps to Become Agile

The best ways for development and DevOps team to become more Agile with automation, continuous delivery and testing.

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Why Retailers Need to Rethink What They Think About Mobile

Smartphones now account for a quarter of online retail sales. But the mobile shopping experience remains far from optimal — and users are impatient.

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