Lodes Unearthed With Faster Loads

The real cost of a few seconds in the digital marketplace. We define the magic number for page load time that yields the highest conversion rate.

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Data Illustrates the Impact of Load Times on Conversion Rates

Mobile page speeds are lagging best practices. We show how lengthier page loads can have a significant detrimental influence on e-commerce conversion rates.

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Reports: Ecommerce Key for Mother’s Day Shoppers

This Mother's Day, about one-third of sales are projected to come via digital channels, with overall sales projected to surpass the $20 billion threshold.

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Milliseconds Matter: A 0.1 Second Delay Can Hurt Conversions 7%

When it comes to load times, even a tenth of a second counts: this can hurt conversion rates by as much as 7%, according to a survey from Akamai and SOASTA.

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Software Intelligence: Why Slow is the New Down

Why slowtime is the new downtime, and why digital performance optimizations need to be a higher priority.

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Dynamic Yield Personalization Engine Aims to Help Retailers Conquer Mobile Commerce

Recent research that identifies the gap between use of mobile devices during shopping activities and actual sales conversion via mobile.

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