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‘Moneyball’ 2.0: Championship Strategies Converge for Sports and Technology

Sports and technology — traditionally they have been the “oil and water” of business, just not mixing well. There could not have been two more opposite business models or participants, so much so that society actually segregated the two often-warring tribes into “the jocks” and “the geeks. Yet, over the last ten years a reconciliation of sorts has prevailed, to the point that now the integration of these two tribes is not only possible but actually occurring. This was illustrated quite vividly when Brad Pitt starred as the Oakland Athletics’ charismatic EVP, Billy Beane, in the movie Moneyball.

Amy Vosters

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Amy Vosters

Amy is the Marketing Manager at SOASTA, where she specializes in content marketing, growth-hacking, wordsmithing, and go to market strategies. She is fascinated with the correlation between web performance, neuroscience, and how this translates into success for modern digital businesses.

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