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How to Optimize a Mobile Landing Page that Converts

Slow loading pages can easily bore users. You want to capture their attention instantly with your offers. So you will need to reduce the time it takes for your mobile landing page to load. Even a one-second delay could have a serious negative impact on your mobile conversions.This is clearly proven in a case study conducted by SOASTA. In the study, pages with an average load speed of 2.4 seconds had a conversion rate of 1.9%. This is a respectable rate considering the fact that desktop conversions average 2-3%. Pages that load one second slower experienced a 27% decrease in conversions.

Amy Vosters

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Amy Vosters

Amy is the Marketing Manager at SOASTA, where she specializes in content marketing, growth-hacking, wordsmithing, and go to market strategies. She is fascinated with the correlation between web performance, neuroscience, and how this translates into success for modern digital businesses.

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