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Continuous mobile app testing is not optional.
It's required.

TouchTest makes it faster and easier than ever to test
and deliver high-quality mobile applications.

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Test smarter, ship sooner.

In the mobile marketplace, speed equals competitive advantage. TouchTest accelerates application testing with an automated process that enables a single test to run simultaneously on any number of real devices.

Start Automating Your
Regression Testing

You spend countless hours in regression testing. SOASTA customers have reduced 4 weeks of testing to overnight processes. It’s not about 100% automation, it’s about giving hours back to your testers everyday, every week. We can have your regression test suite up and running in 5 weeks.

How It Works

Get Mobile Performance
Metrics with Every Test

Mobile performance testing allows you to measure the effect of your app on device CPU, memory, battery, and location as well as network bytes sent and received with every test. Compare baseline performance to the current build to catch memory leaks, a slow loading image, or new functionality that requires too many network calls. View the trends over time to identify bugs and mobile performance deltas from build to build.

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How do you test on
every device?
Use the cloud.

Touchtest ® Mobile Device Clouds provide mobile application developers and testers access to the latest devices for manual testing. Integrate them with TouchTest and your CI process so tests run simultaneously on multiple devices with the check in of every build.

Make the most of your
mobile test environment.

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